This is a great product as someone who is not advised to use HRT for medical reasons I have been struggling with hot flushes for a while. This product helps reduce the symptoms and provides an almost instant relief. I will be recommending this product to all my friends who suffer similarly. Thank you.


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I read the article in the Daily Mail about Physicool Rapid Cooling Mist for hot flushes. I ordered some and received it this morning (very speedy) and have used it today – it works!! I will be spreading the word among my friends of the same age!! Thank you again.


My wonderful husband found this for me and told me to order it. I was expecting it not to work but it really does. Now I have it with me all the time. There is an instant result. It smell’s lovely, slight menthol, very cool straight away. It works for a long time, I am traveling to Singapore in may and this will be the first thing in my case. I have 3 sisters, this will be there next Birthday gift. Many thanks to the person who came up with this great product. From a genuine 54 year young women in her Menopause.

Deborah Bruce

Consultant Gynaecologist at London Bridge Hospital, Council of the British Menopause Society Very few products can tackle hot flushes effectively, but I have to say that the Cooling Mist really works and I recommend it to all my clients. As soon as the mist hits their skin it begins to evaporate, drawing out the heat immediately and evaporating it away. This results in an instant cooling effect and also helps to alleviate redness.


BRILLIANT! It really works, and is a very handy size to carry in your handbag. Speedy delivery. Very impressed. Recommend.


Physicool Cooling Mist is a great product that really does what is says. I work in a extremely hot and stressful environment and find this discrete refreshing mist most helpful. I would recommend this long over due product to anyone who suffers from excessive heat disturbance. Thank you.


Already on my second order within weeks – this really works so now keep one by the bed, one downstairs and one in my handbag. If I manage to “catch” the flush in time, the cooling sensation of the spray stops the flush within one or two minutes. Even if the flush is already in progress, the spray helps 95% of the time; it truly is miraculous. I’ve even converted a friend and my sceptical sister in law to the benefits. We are now evangelical about spreading awareness of the product. All GP surgeries should be recommending the Cooling Mist to women who suffer broken nights and embarrassing days due to hot flushes/gushes. Thank you for developing this product!


This is a great product- as someone who is not advised to use HRT for medical reasons I have been struggling with hot flushes for a while. This product helps reduce the symptoms and provides an almost instant relief. I will be recommending this product to all my friends who suffer similarly. Thank you.


I have used it a few times, and am amazed at the fast acting relief it provides. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from hot flashes. I have yet to try it on sunburn or bug bites, but am sure that come next spring/summer it will be in demand. Thank you for letting me try the Cooling-Mist. Great relief, fast acting and instant cooling.


It is so useful for side effects from other drugs as well. I wish I had discovered it sooner when I came off HRT as it would have helped so much with the day and night sweats. Then after that I had breast cancer and was put on the commonly used drug Tamoxifen. And of course that has a side effect of awful day and night sweats. No doctors could recommend anything to alleviate the side effects so again Physicool needs to be promoted to help us. Thanks Kathy


I am thrilled with Physicool spray and the way that it has helped alleviate the horrible night sweats that I have had for 8 years now!! I keep the spray under my pillow and when I get woken up with a start which is always the beginning of a sweat, I spray my chest and neck with 3 or 4 bursts of physicool and it instantly puts a stop to the heat. I love it!!!!Best wishes Sheira


I have recently purchased Physicool as I cannot take HRT. It is an amazing product and will be recommending it to my friends and colleagues. The immediate cooling affect has eased the hot flushes hugely.


It was my Mum who read about physicool and sent me a bottle/spray. This is the only thing I can use and find it works a treat. I have it in the bedroom for night time and love the cool off feeling it gives me when I wake up (at least 3/4 times a night) I have also tried other cooling sprays which just seem to drench you in water and have no lasting effect!!! I love the smell and the menthol effect on the skin. Kindest regards, Amanda

Karen Jayes

I was getting quite desperate for something to help me when I read about Physicool in the Daily Mail. I ordered a can and have been very pleased with the results, it can be quite embarrassing having a flush when you are in the company of other people but the can fits in my handbag for any emergencies. I even shared it with a group of friends while out for a meal who were also suffering! They were so impressed they couldn’t wait to go and buy a can. I keep the spray by my bedside and use it whenever I am woken by a hot flush, it works very fast for me and has certainly helped me through a tough few years.


I discovered Physicool on the internet having read reports that it helped with night sweats and flushing, it has been quite literally a life saver. I use it daily and it has made a huge impact on my conditions, reducing the number of hot sweat incidents and instantly cooling hot flushes. It appears to others as my face spray so I don’t feel embarrassed to use it in public.


I have been using Physicool for the past 12 months, I would be lost without it, I carry it everywhere with me, it comes to work with me in my laptop bag and I keep it handy for when I need to use. I did not want to go onto HRT, I take evening primrose oil tablets to see if they would help with the hot flushes, I know there are many other herbal remedies but at the moment physicool works for me.


I experienced a pretty painful burn on my hand while working in the kitchen. I immediately soaked it in cold water and kept it there for a long time. That provided me with relief, but each time I would remove it from the cold the sensitive area would start to hurt again. I dried it off and sprayed physicool mist on the burned area - and experienced immediate coolness and relief! No more burning or tenderness, and no blister the next day. It worked!